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Luscious Curls

Hair Artist

On our Hair Artist course you will learn how to professionally do every type of hirstyle. We will provide you with all the necessary products and tools for work.  Every student will receive the knowledge for them to keep forever together with all the information on the subjects talked in the classes.


After completing the course, you will receive a British certificate of completion. On top of that every graduate will receive a professional portfolio free of charge in electronic format, as every make up will be photographed. 90% of the course consists of practice as only thanks to practise you gain knowledge.


Time: 3 days

Price: £ 359



  1. Types of hair styles.

  2. Definition of a bun, updo and half updo.

  3. Tools and materials.

  4. Construction of the bun and updo.

  5. Construction and hair arrangement for the bun and updo.

  6. Hair preparation for a bun and updo.

  7. Products application.

  8. Mounting and securing hair construction.

  9. Stages of how to build a bun.

  10. Basic rules on how to do a bun and updo.

  11. Basic working techniques during demonstration of a bun and updo.

  12. Products used to stylise the hair.

  13. Hair care.

  14. Techniques used to curl the hair.

  15. Bridal hairstyle characteristics.

  16. Classic, romantic and edgy hairstyles.

Practical clsses:

  1. Preparation of the hair for brushing- washing, drying and modelling.

  2. Working with hair curler and hair straightener.

  3. Modelling and stylising the hair.

  4. Professional straightening.

  5. Curling the hair using different methods: rollers, curler, straightener.

  6. Creating different effect of curls: waves, curls, coils.

  7. Backcombing the hair.

  8. Wadding the hair.

  9. Coil.

  10. Classic hairstyle – bun.

  11. Bridal hairstyle – updo.

  12. Romantic hairstyle – half updo.

  13. Photo shoot hairstyle – edgy look.


The course is organised in the following systems:

- during the day: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (09:00 – 17:00)

- at the weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (09:00 – 17:00)

- on a 1:1 basis - to be agreed.

Gallery of work performed by other participants
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