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Przystojny mężczyzna Dziewczyna
Fashion Model in Red Dress

Fashion Stylist

On our Fashion Stylist course you will learn how to professionally cooce outfits for every body shapes and beauty types . We will provide you with all the necessary tools for work. Every student will receive the knowledge for them to keep forever together with all the information on the subjects talked in the classes.


After completing the course, you will receive a British certificate of completion. On top of that every graduate will receive a professional portfolio free of charge in electronic format, as every make up will be photographed. 90% of the course consists of practice as only thanks to practise you gain knowledge.


Time: 3 days

Price: £ 359


  1. Different styles and their purposes.

  2. Personal stylist job features.

  3. Types of body shapes.

  4. Body shape enhancements.

  5. Knowledge about colours.

  6. Meaning of the colour in stylisation.

  7. Colour analysis.

  8. Putting patterns together.

  9. Fashion styles.

  10. Choice of certain elements to the whole outfit depending on body shape type.

  11. Choice of additional elements that complete the looks and personality: hand bag, gloves, head cover, jewellery, glasses, tights, perfume.

  12. Choice of underwear.

  13. Choice of footwear.

  14. Hair style and the type of look.

  15. Style and profession.

  16. Clothes savoir vivre.

Practical classes

  1. Recognising body shape types.

  2. Body shape analysis.

  3. Colour analysis.

  4. Enhancing body shapes by choosing the right clothes.

  5. Choosing the right outfit.

  6. Working on your style.

  7. Outfit design for different occasions.

  8. Different work wear for different jobs.

  9. Colour choices for your outfit.

  10. Choice of foot wear.

  11. Choice of accessories.

  12. Hair style choices.

  13. Recommendation of full outfit ideas for clients considering their looks and jobs.

  14. Male stylization.

  15. Reviewing clients’ wardrobes.

  16. Completing clothes outfits inside the shopping centres – preparation for shopping trips.


The course is organised in the following systems:

- during the day: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (09:00 – 17:00)

- at the weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (09:00 – 17:00)

- on a 1:1 basis - to be agreed.

Gallery of work performed by other participants
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